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BioVera possesses expertise in regulatory affairs, applied research, FDA applications, in-vitro and in-vivo testing, clinical trial planning, and scientific publicity of orthopaedic devices and biomaterials.

Competencies include:

Regulatory Affairs
FDA pre-submissions, 510(k) applications, IDE planning, PMA support, Health Canada applications.

Applied Research and Testing
Strategic planning of applied research and device testing towards commercialization.
Management of pre-clinical testing.
Technical reporting and documentation for design files and regulatory applications.

Clinical Research
Strategic planning and protocol development as an integral part of commercialization strategy.

Physician communications; development of presentations and publications.

Robert Poggie, PhD

Debbie Iampietro, BS, BA

Rita M Wadleigh, CQA

Milo Kral, PhD

Sam Nasser, MD, PhD
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